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Thanks to all for High Cloud PeasantMan Tri!

High Clouders - Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank you everyone for a wonderful High Cloud PeasantMan Triathlon!  We should all be SUPER PROUD! Take great pride in being part of this wonderful endeavor.

On behalf of Matt, Tuan and I we would like to thank everyone that make this event a huge success:

  • Becky: Her organization and attention to detail managed the volunteer force of more than 54 people. She was an essential part in the planning and implementation of this event. Becky lead the event from the early stages, worked countless of hours during the organization phase and diligently ensured that the aid stations and course were fully staffed with the best volunteers imaginable. Thanks so much for the wonderful coordination emails keeping everyone up-to-date on all of the thousand moving parts. You are a true blessing! Not even mentioning the extremely successful Happy Hour and Fundraiser that she managed at McFaddens!
  • Trevor: He worked in every stage of the operation, whether it was sponsorships, logistical support, transportation, timing equipment, etc. He graciously offered his house for the Planning Meetings and was very enthusiastic about every task. He performed countless other tasks over 5 months to support the Peasantman Festivities. Couldn’t have done it without you!
  • Brenda and Megan: They organized and staffed a flawless food operation. Not only did Brenda managed the Post Race Food Operation but she made the Pman Council feel right at home by spoiling us with tons of delicious food during the weekend. You made us feel like we were on a cruise ship :)
  • Simon: We are blessed to have such a man on our Team. The huge logistical effort required to support all of the events was made to look easy by Simon. We are simply amazed and extremely grateful. Long after everyone was home, Simon, Matt and I were still cleaning the house, taking the trash out, loading the truck, unloading the truck at multiple locations etc. He has an amazing endurance and a great positive energy! Today was an awesome operation as well! Not sure what energy drink you take but it is definitely contagious!
  • Glenn: Pure awesomeness...that is what comes up when we “Google” his name :) Not only did he drive almost 16 hours roundtrip to support the event but he helped us tremendously in every single part of this endeavor from learning the timing equipment during a last minute 30 second session to diving with an underwater camera during the swim, to setup/cleanup, etc. His unconditional support and willingness to help is just priceless.
  • Mark: He is the spirit of High Cloud. His energy is so contagious that the brand new NTPers were just dancing away at the start line of the swim while he was taking pictures :) Mark not only helped us with the setup/breaking down but he ran around for countless hours taking pictures of everyone at the event.
  • Jen: An extraordinary person! No words can describe how amazing her support was for the success of this event. She worked countless of hours behind the scenes to make sure the most important pieces were in place. We were talking daily in the wee hours to ensure a flawless operation.
  • Saguna: A wonderful High Clouder and an essential part of this Team! She made dreams come true by getting a sponsor to pay for the beautiful signage that you saw throughout the course! No one got loss because of you Saguna! Not to mention how she stood at the gate for hours in the rain directing the triathletes and collecting entrance fees!
  • Randy: You are an amazing High Clouder! It was only Glenn, Simon and Randy who had to spend all day Friday from early morning till the evening loading massive quantities of equipment from 4 different locations in VA, DC, and MD. We all need to thank them not only for their hard work, but also for their constant positive attitude and ever present smiles and willingness to help. Also big thanks to Randy for making the High Cloud Lake Anna HQ feel like home!
  • Carrie: Always willing to help and lend a hand. She and Brenda drove miles and miles away to get the food that we needed for the BBQs.
  • Gloria: She has a truly magical touch with marketing and sponsors! Thanks so much for everything! You are a true blessing!
  • Ed Moser: His unconditional support and positive attitude was contagious throughout the planning of this event. With Simon he led a great bike clinic and during the preparation of PMan he helped us tremendously market the event with his social media comments and pics :)
  • Ron and Courtney: Extraordinary High Clouders who managed the registration site and helped with the planning of the event from the very early stages. They were essential in every aspect of PMan and many other High Cloud events; you literally can count on them for every single event! They have so many great qualities! Ron even drove to Lake Anna just to deliver some items that we have forgotten :) By the way no other singer can replace Court’s beautiful voice!
  • Denis: We wouldn’t have been able to have done PMan without you! The swim course was structured perfectly and even though we had a number of very new triathletes, you gave them the confidence to try with your amazing army of Kayakers and Wave One SEALS :)
  • Dan, Suzanne Kinsky. and Amanda C: Incredible people who managed their crews flawlessly! You guys completely Rocked!
  • Rick and Suzanne (Mom): Thanks so much for all your help this weekend! Baby Kailee was very well taken care of and super happy throughout all of the festivities. What a blessing!

Thanks to the scores of volunteers who made this event operate. Whether you: handed out water, stood for hours as a course marshal, handed out bibs or timing tags, picked up garbage, loaded and unloaded supplies, stuffed goodie bags, passed out food; know that your service was a valuable contribution to the success of the event.

We are extremely proud to serve with you all. We could not have done it without YOU! Like High Cloud’s saying: It was definitely a “Dream Come True”

Cheers to All and Stay Tuned for Awesome Pictures!!  More than 500 pics are on their way (Thanks Mark!!)

Adriana and Matt
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Unussyestarse commented on 25-Dec-2012 08:55 PM
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gusnlovscnbc commented on 26-Dec-2012 12:23 AM
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Wooceellagopy commented on 28-Dec-2012 08:33 AM
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nytyncgd commented on 28-Dec-2012 03:38 PM
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